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Graph and Chart - Lite Edition

Top notch 2D data visualization for unity. Beautiful, Responsive and Interactive. Easy to use and to quickly set up. Every feature can be customized from both code and editor. Graph And Chart is compatible with any platform including VR/AR, mobile ,web and desktop. All latest unity versions are supported. Integrates with UI Canvas.

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New Chart: Pyramid chart is now in beta !!!
New Feature : Racing bar chart is now in beta!!

Online Demo - Lite Version
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Bar Chart (2D) Pie Chart (2D) , Torus Chart (2D) , Graph Chart (2D) , Radar Chart (2D) and Pyramid Chart (Beta 2D) . All can be customized completely with your own colors, sizes, materials and prefabs. All are size responsive. All can handle user events. All support TextMeshPro

This asset is the lite edition of the robust and battle tested asset Graph and Chart. You have the option to upgrade to the full version at any time. Upgrading is done by paying the difference between the standard price of the lite and full editions.

The Lite edition comes with more than 15 visual themes , many can be seen in the images and videos above. It comes with ready made textures and prefabs that can be used to style your charts. There are also plenty of tutorial scenes.

Graph and Chart is well documented and is being constantly maintained and expanded since 2017.

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Features included in this version :

● Full source code included

● Full editor preview for all charts

● All charts can be fully configured from code or from the unity editor without any code.

● A visually customizable axis component that includes all the axis features of the full version. It can be used with your own textures colors and sizes. It can also show dates , numbers and custom strings. The axis includes scripts that allow user interaction such as pan and zoom

● All charts can be completely customized with your own prefabs, colors, materials and sizes.

● Bar and pie animations

● 2D pie , graph , bar and radar charts. They can be placed on any UI canvas (world space camera space and overlay).

● Ready made chart designs , some can be seen in the screen shots on the left.

● TextMeshPro integration

● Event handling and user interaction

● Works on all unity platforms.

● Gradient shaders for ui canvas

● Legend