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Diner Prop Pack

3D model asset pack that contains 67 diner prefab props for your project or game's diner scene.

Great for prototyping / making games.

Also contains 3 Example scenes of how you can layout your level. (Example scenes are only a suggestion of how the objects can be positioned and should be adapted to the targeted hardware)

Objects: Tables, Chairs, Ketchup & Mustard Bottles, Sugar Dispenser, Straw Dispenser, Napkin Dispenser, Clocks, Table Number Cards, Tray, Mugs, Coffee Machine, Glasses, Knife, Fork, Plates, Counters, Cake Display, Vinegar & Oil Bottles, Bins, Menus, Food Menu Sign, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Popcorn Machine, Radios, Coffee Jugs, Ashtray, Napkin, Stools, Spoon, Teaspoon, Seats, Fast Food Basket.

3D Object Format: .OBJ
Texture Resolution & Format: 512 x 512 .PNG

Model Poly Count (p):
- Table01: 176p
- Table02: 248p
- Table03: 216p
- Table04: 144p
- Table05: 160p
- Table06: 116p
- NapkinDispenser: 62p
- SaltPepperShaker: 33p
- Ashtray: 42p
- TableNoCard01: 21p
- TableNoCard02: 18p
- Chair01: 310p
- KetchupMustardBottle01: 70p
- KetchupMustardBottle02: 80p
- Tray: 142p
- Clock01: 142p
- Clock02: 90p
- Plate01: 100p
- Plate02: 90p
- Mug01: 115p
- Mug02: 115p
- Knife: 29p
- Fork: 76p
- Spoon: 51p
​- Teaspoon: 32p
- Radio01: 249p
- Radio02: 357p
​- Seat: 242p
- StrawDispenser: 189p
- PopcornMachine: 243p
- SugarDispenser: 80p
- Stool01: 150p
- Stool02: 150p
- Stool03: 263p
- CoffeeMachine: 194p
- CoffeeJug: 150p
- DisplayStand: 114p
- Menu01: 26p
- Menu02: 6p
- Menu03: 6p
- FoodBasket: 50p
- Napkin: 5p
- OilVinegarBottle: 131p
- Bin01: 57p
- Bin02: 100p
- Glass01: 50p
- Glass02: 60p
- CakeDisplay01: 110p
- Counter01: 158p
- Counter02: 96p
- Counter03: 90p
- Counter04: 41p