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Post Processing Effects SALE

Two weeks SALE $25 → $5

Post Processing Effects - Useful custom effects for Post Processing Stack v2 provided along with various profiles, LUTs and textures needed for particular effects.
Effects were created using Post Processing Ultimate, what makes them easily editable using visual scripting, even without programming knowledge!


Blur - Great for 'Game Over' screens!
Chromatic Abberation - Use it for retro style!
Color Curves - Adjust colors using precise spline curves!
Crossed Eyes - Seeing two dispersed images at once!
Distortion - Modyfing image using custom made textures!
Drunk - Must-have for every sandbox game!
Edge Detection - Useful in many other shaders such as anti-aliasing!
Eight Colors - Whole game in only 8 colors!
Eight Colors 2 - Whole game in only 8 blended colors!
Fade - With useful tutorial script!
Fog - Add mysterious atmosphere to Your game!
Frame - Easily change aspect ratio by adding black bars!
Glitch - Magenta blinking square all over the screen!
Glitch 2 - Noise and shifting lines!
Horizontal Bloom - Nice and futuristic!
Industrial Camera - Great for spying game!
Infrared - Bright is red!
Invert - Black is white!
Noctovision - Greyscale, but greenish and with higher contrast!
Noise - Colorful or grey!
Old Film - Ideal for a retrospection scene!
Overlay - Could be useful for jump scares!
Pixelize - Simulate a game from 8-bit era!
Posterize - Reduces amount of colors, works great with pixelize!
Radial Blur - Blur with linear from center to corners intensity!
Radial Blur 2 - Pixels averaged by other pixels in specific direction!
Scan Lines - Like an old TV screen on a video tape!
Screen Space Shadows (Ambient Occlusion) - Add some nice shadows!
Select Color - One color to rule all the greyscale!
Sepia - Classic retrospection scenes!
Sharpen - Make it razor sharp!
Splatter - Overlay with from center to corners intensity!
Threshold - Black or white!
Post Processing Stack v2 profiles!
300 LUTs with selection window and mixing interface!
And more!

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