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Creatures of the Night: VAMPIRES [Pixel Art]

Licinio Souza (2D Game Artist freelancer)
Entire Collection!:
PACK 1 - vampires
PACK 2 - Monks
PACK 3 - Ghosts (Free!)
PACK 4 - Bizarre Graveyard Tileset

Creatures of the Night: VAMPIRES!
Pack with 4 different 2D animated characters (above ~200frames):

-Attack 1
-Attack 2
-Attack 3
-3 Projectiles

Resolution (each frame): 56 x 80px
Metric range: 16px
Character: ~3 quads 16px (30 x 45px)

- character
- projectil
- shadow
- reference

In the PSD:
- extra colors (change color)
- shadow (you can export together with the player)
- layout / reference, indication for loops

Coming Soon!:
- Pack: The Vampire Hunters
- Background tileset: Bizarre Castle

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