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Save 25% by purchasing all 3 packs

What you receive:
- 15 types of Flower Models
- 153 unique Flower Models (70% with 3 LOD levels + billboards = ~500 total Models)
- 61 blooming (Blendshape Animation) Flower Models
- 4096 x 4096 photographic textures (+ normal maps); 1024 x 1024 for billboards
- 1 Shader (Flower)
+ 6 Pot Models (each with 3 LOD levels)
+ 3 PBR Terrain Materials

All models were carefully designed to optimize poly-count, with textures captured while walking Bobby the dog in my hometown.

Every model variation from each flower type uses 1 single material (texture atlas), to reduce draw calls and boost in-game performance when your garden grows many plants.

Only need parts of this pack?
Garden Flowers and Herbs 1
Garden Flowers and Herbs 2
Garden Flowers 3

Enjoy, and please feel free to contact support for any questions!