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SaveMe Pro 2 - Save your game!

I'm curently looking for anybody who can make a video tutorial for the asset, it will be posted here!

?? SaveMe Pro 2 - Game Saver:
SaveMePro 2 is a smart powerful saving asset wich allow you to save multiple scenes in one file. You can save runtime instanciated objects, custom values (like string, int, bool, color, vector etc...), even object that are already in scene but you moved at runtime. You can achieve all this easily with fully customized editor and class.
(This package contain the source code of the demo game so you can better see how it works)

There are too much features to list all them here, you can go on the Full Features section of the documentation to see them.

?? Windows
?? OS X
?? Linux
? Web GL
? Should works on all platforms who can store files.

This is the same demo game as in the video.

Windows: Download
OS X: Comming soon

AES 256 full encryption. Of course, you are invited to generate your own encryption key in the settings.

A full all-in-one documentation is available online at: https://doc.onlymegame.com/.

This version include:
Auto Saver addon.
Emerald AI 2.2 addon.
Enviro Sky addon.
Weather Maker addon.
Complete bug report system addon.
Easy Build System is fully supported and don't need any addon! (see the video tutorial).

You can contact me at:

Official asset's discord: https://discord.gg/9ty3TM8/.