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Character Movement Fundamentals

Character Movement Fundamentals is a rigidbody-based character movement system.

User Manual | Playable WebGL Demo | Playable Windows Demo | Forum | Website | Unity Connect

Put simply, it is a collection of scripts, components and prefabs that will help you quickly set up characters that can move around and react to any 3D game environment in a physically believable way.

Everything in this package is designed to be as versatile and adaptable as possible - whether you're creating a fast-paced first-person shooter, an atmospheric third-person adventure game or a 2.5D sidescoller, this package will provide all the necessary fundamentals you need.


- In-depth user manual.

- Fully documented source code.

- Versatile, highly customizable character controller system.
The included character controller can handle all kinds of terrain, smoothly walks up and down slopes and stairs without losing ground contact and can even slide down slopes that are too steep.
In addition to that, it can be rotated freely at runtime, allowing for interesting gameplay possibilities (walking on ceilings or on a miniature planet [...]).

To optimize your game for any type of platform, you can choose from three different ground detection methods.

Finally, all movement-related properties (movement speed, air control, jump speed, step height [...]) can be adjusted to fit any type of gameplay.

- All-purpose camera system
The included camera system is well suited for any type of camera perspective (first-person, third-person, top-down [...]) and features built-in camera rotation smoothing, invertible input axes and adjustable vertical camera angle limits.

- Two example scenes that showcase all the possibilities of the package.

- 12 ready-to-use controller prefabs, that can "drag'n'dropped" into any scene and just work, no further setup required.

- A collection of basic environment building blocks and a fully rigged and animated low-poly character model, both of which are great for quick prototyping.