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Real Snow and Rain Particle Effect

Build your own snowy scene and rainy scene.
Every single snow flake make different spots on surface of the objects differently by object layer "water" or "ground".
And they will create spots on surface precisely normal direction on colliding object's surface.
This asset is light-weight and show good performance even in mobile devices.

Ver 1.1.4 New Update
Now particle effect can follow camera. If you drag and drop camera ( or player object ) to "Following Camera" property in inspector, particle effect will follow the camera.

Version Update:
Blizzard snowflake added.
Supports WindZone.

Version 1.1.3 Update:
Each rain flake and snow flake will create spots on surface precisely normal direction about colliding object's surface.
Each snow flake will fall with various shape of snow flake(3 types) and they will fall with rotating. And they will create spot with various shape of snow spot. So they are very beautiful and real!
And bug fixed.

Version 1.1.2 Update:
More realistic rain ripple texture( collide with ground) added.


It has 7 intensity option.
Very Light

4 Snow Particle Collider Prefabs
1 Rain Particle Collider Prefab
3 Background Photo Images
10 Example Scenes
1 Type of Rain Texture
12 Types of RainSplash Textures
6 Types of Snow Textures
2 Scripts

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