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Create, Edit, Import, Export SVG graphics and more...

New features and/or graphics: Every week
The Composer UI allows you to draw vector graphics in a way similar to a classic desktop application, and you can test them directly in the Unity. Besides SVG, Composer UI also processes the bitmap-based PNG format and others.

Drawing SVG??? Do you want to create and import your SVG file for unity?

- Graphics "Quadrante Studio" availabled through the Art's repository;
- Clear User Interface for Fast Drawing;
- Rich Color Palette (solid, linear gradient, radial gradient, pre-defined, predominant photographs / images and blending);
- Rich Presets (Shapes, Icons, Cliparts, Templates, Filters, Patterns, Masks, Colors, Backgrounds and More...);
- Integration with Openclipart and Pixabay are supported and others;
- Open / Edit / Import / Export SVG images between Composer UI and Unity;
- Glyph Designer + Import Bitmap Font to Unity;
- Encryption of images and texts;
- Slicer images and "sprite sheet" generator;
- Optimizing and Editing the Source of SVG file, Composer UI has its own source editor;
- C# available for manipulation of textures and sprites (namespace QSFunctions);
- Scenes of examples, for presentation of libraries and codes;
- Vídeos and documents.


2D Tools, works with Sprites and Texture2D, perfectly integrating the Unity environment. It is an extension of the editor:
- Slice Sprites to Texture2D (including non-rectangular);
- Match Sprites (including non-rectangular);
- Mask Sprites on Sliced Sprites to Texture2D;
- Multiple Textures to Sprite Sheet;
- Applying filters;
- Extended Sprite information in the Inspector window;
- Shortcuts to view in 2D and 3D;
- Easy to use and quick to slice;
- API to work with graphics;
- API to embed HTML in editor;

Safety? Protect your game or app. Protection of texts and images, check out:
- Encrypt and Decrypt (Text - Base64);
- Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / Material).
WebCam Features (Beta):
- Enable / Disable;
- Sound camera shutter;
- Replaces texture of target object.
Demonstration scenes:
- Encrypt and Decrypt (Text);
- Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / Material);
- Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / WebCam).

Mask + Skill, Set of 220 skill icons. All icons are of high quality. A good choice for RPG and MOBA games.
- Each icon has 256x256 pixels size (PNG);
- Total of 220 unique icons;
- 80 icons in transparent backgrounds;
- Add sprite mask (UI MASK CANVAS).

Glyph Designer + Import Bitmap Font
- Create and Import Bitmap Font;
- Support XML and Plain Text on format '.fnt'.

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