Light MECHA #LM2

This Original package contains one “Animated Mecha ”.

Add a professional touch to your SciFi VideoGame project with this original low poly model.

Set of one Mecha (FBX model). One Animated FBX 3D Model, check preview of the animations Here + One FBX 3D Rigged model (with no animation), no script, sounds or LOD included. see previews for details.

Poly Counts: Polys/10.384 - Verts/1.983 - Tris/21.700.

_Textures included (Tiff):

_5 differents color schemes / PBR Materials (see previews)

_5 Diffuse maps 4096x4096

_1 Normal map 4096x4096

_1 Glow (Emission) map 4096x4096

_1 Roughness map 4096x4096

_1 Metallic map 4096x4096

_1 AO map 4096x4096

_Included 4096x4096 PSD file, you can customize colors, add your own logos & more.