NexGen - Planets

NEXGEN Planets includes:

Shaders / Materials:
- Standard
With a diffuse (RGB) + specular (alpha) texture for your planet and easy controls for the specular level and glossiness. You can also control the clouds (RGBA) opacity and the night lights of the planet for the shadowed area. And a rotation controller to easily animate the rotation of the planet, which will also animate the clouds (a little bit slower) to have a really cool looking planet.
- Gas
This shader will allow you to make gas planets or even stars like the sun, you'll just need some procedural textures (RGBA) to do it and even tweek the tiling to get the effect that you want. You'll also be able to control the color, the speed of the gas and the power.
- Halo
Every planet needs a halo to enhance it, you'll just need to duplicate the planet and assign this shader to the halo sphere. You can control everything from the color tint to the power and the flickering speed.
- Galaxy
- Galaxy Galaxies just need a couple of texture maps to blend with a custom mask and adjust it all with a nice rotation speed. I also added a flickering control and a color tint to add a little bit of "life" to the center of the galaxy.

You'll also get a star background and Particle FX to enlight your planets, stars, etc. All of the shaders are mobile-friendly. Keep in mind, however, that that the example textures are large and not optimized for mobile.

Check out the DEMO VIDEO (1.0 version)