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Dragon Game Pack 2D - vol.2

Another pack for your Dragon dungeon game. Perfect for mobile free to play games. Pack consist of fully animated Dragons, Creatures, Heroes and props. This pack also includes dungeon backgrounds. Together with the first pack you can crate amazing game in a no time!

12 Dragons - 3 maturity stages for each = 36 Dragons
Cook - 3 variations
Frog - 3 variations
Barbarian hero
Chests - 7 sprites to make sprite animation - 3 variations - 21 total
12 Dragon eggs
9 Gems
8 debris
2 mushrooms
4 hand drawn backgrounds
99 items total

Animations: Dragons(9 animations): walk,eat,slepping, wakeup, attack, roar,idle,dead,fallasleep

Frog(6 animations): walk,eat,idle,fall asleep, sleeping,wake up

Hero(3 animations): walk, hit, attack

Cook (4 animations) : cooking, fall asleep, wake up,sleeping

Webplayer demo!