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Realistic electric truck and trailer

Very detailed car that can be used for any projects.
Technical Details:

4 LOD's:
-LOD0: 43062tris
-LOD1: 27983tris
-LOD2: 12445tris
-LOD3: 1025tris
-LOD0: 20879tris
-LOD1: 7825 tris
-LOD2: 3643tris
-LOD3: 719tris
-LOD0: 3380 tris
-LOD1: 1303 tris
-LOD2: 574 tris
-LOD3: 189 tris

Type textures:
-Albedo map
-Metallic\Smoothness map
-Normal map

Texture size:
Body: 4096px
Interior: 4096px
Light: 1024x512px
Wheel: 2048px
LicensePlate: 512x256px
Main: 1024px
ElectricTrailer: 4096x2048px
Supercharger: 2048px

Possible to animate:
- Front bumper
- Door
- Hood
- Fifth wheel hitch
- Wipers (finished animation)
- Steering wheel
- Suspension

- PBR textures
- Collision (Hood, doors, etc.)
- 4 levels of LOD
- All nodes, materials and textures are appropriately named
- Emissive texture for lights included
- Optimized geometry

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