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DarkTree FPS - Survival FPS (AI, Inventory, Mobile rig)


Android demo

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Best solution for FPS survival! Inventory system, FPS controller, weapons, melee, grenades, inventory, mobile input and much more. All in one!

UPDATE (1.21) - FPS Body Controller, Save/Load system, missile launcher and small improvements with bug fixes.

Custom editor allows you to create new weapons with effects, item pickups and sounds in a few minutes only. It's very simple process. Try it yourself and you will like it!

Main features:
- Inventory system with consumables, ammo, and event system
- Scene save/load system. You can save your scene with all objects! Items, NPCs, player stats, inventory. Save everything!
- Simple zombie AI with simple code. Extend as you want!
- Mobile input with one toggle turn on.
- Optimization and zero bug tolerance is the key to the great performance!
- AI system with different set of a states (patrol, wandering, idle, follow to target, seek and destroy, tactical etc.)
- Powerful and automatic pooling system for all the objects that can be instantiated at runtime
- Physical aiming system takes muzzle transform for believable aiming and shooting effect
- Ready to use simple FPS Controller with movement animation
- Smooth sway system for weapon movement included
- Destruction sample included in the package - A lot of effect examples