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HQ Control Building Observatory

This pack contains an Observatory Building with Rotating Telescope (Scripts included), Consoles, Walls, Doors, Columns, Keypad, Platform, Rails, Reactor and Dome. Design your own style of building or drag and drop the prefab into your scene.

Column (Tris 12)
Consoles (Tris 28-1128)
Poles and Rail Joints (Tris 60-180)
Dome (Tris 1340)
Doors (36-44)
KeyPad (Tris 20)
Stairs(Tris 196)
Light (Tris 28)
Pad (Tris 12)
Pillar (Tris 556)
PipeCurve (Tris 542)
Pipe Straight (Tris 188)
Reactor (Tris 80)
ReactorCore(Tris 244)
Telescope Stand (Tris 268)
Telescope (Tris 940)
Walls (Tris 12-32)

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