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30 Exclusive HD Cars Mobile Ready

30 Exclusive HD Cars Mobile Ready - special sets of car models designed for use in competitions:
racing, racing for survival, racing for survival, city traffic driving simulator, off-road racing.
Highly detailed car models with textured interior.
Optimized and ready for use in mobile games.
Each model from a pack has finishing elements of a body: 4 wheels with brake disks, automobile salon, glass, wipers, a bumper, a wheel, a spoiler, speedometer arrows.
Accident, with scatter or severe deformation of body parts.
All models are perfect for racing, police chasing or birthday simulators.
The kit contains the following:
- Each car model is assembled in the finished prefab.
- PNG texture for all elements of the car.
- Models are correctly scaled and aligned along the Z axis.
- A unique color palette for elite auto versions. - Clear and optimized car body geometry.
- Unique spoilers, you can add / remove to any model.
- Material material for each machine.
All materials, textures and other parts of the package comply with the rules established in a single hierarchy.
All models are ideal for games with a third-person appearance and for internal driving.