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Glowing Sci-Fi Weapons and Swords

It's finally time. Now you can be proud of the only asset for Glowing Swords and Sci-Fi Weapons. This Asset Store Package brings life and style into your new sci-fi game.

Can you remember the days when you decided you wanted to program a simple game that could be a hit?

Most of the time it is. You know exactly how your game should be designed and start directly with the development.

At some stage you will come to the point where you have to deal with the fundamental concept of developing 3D models. After several days you will notice that you have lost your way again. That's why I developed these assets. I designed these assets so that you wouldn't lose your focus and create a hit!

The models are very suitable for mobile devices due to the special art style. So don't hesitate. Don't let such fundamental killers seal the future of your game.

With this asset you get not only 3D models for the glowing swords and Sci-Fi weapons, you also get corresponding scripts and shaders.

The glowing swords are are also animated. As a result, blades can be animated and turned on and off.

The package contains a total of 10 models, 2 Shaders, 5 scripts, 16 textures in *.png format and 12 prefabs.

The following models are included
• 3 Glowing swords with on/off animation and glow effect
• Handle and double Handle for the glowing swords
• Blade
• Light Sword
• Heavy Sword
• Special Handgun
• Revolver
• Ultra futuristic Handgun
• Assault Rifle
• Heavy Weapon

With these models you get a wide variety of high quality models to take your game to the next level.

For all models you get prefabs, models in .obj or .fbx format, materials, textures in PNG format and a demo scene.
There is at least one texture and at least one material per model. Most models have several materials, because the weapons also consist of several materials and these can be equipped with different reflection values, for example.

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Details about the textures
• Assault Rifle textures

Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 4096x4096px

• Handle texture

Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 1024x1024px

• Handgun, Heavy Rifle, Heavy Sword, Revolver and Special Handgun textures

Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 2048x2048px

Details about the Meshes

• Glowing Sword Handle

Format: OBJ

Vertices: 4120

Triangles: 2058

• Glowing Sword double Handle

Format: OBJ

Vertices: 4752

Triangles: 2376

• Glowing Sword Blades

Format: OBJ

Vertices: 211

Triangles: 208

• Assault Rifle

Format: FBX

Vertices: 12048

Triangles: 8118

• Handgun

Format: FBX

Vertices: 3212

Triangles: 2574

• Heavy Rifle

Format: FBX

Vertices: 2214

Triangles: 1706

• Light Sword

Format: FBX

Vertices: 1299

Triangles: 950

• Revolver

Format: FBX

Vertices: 4829

Triangles: 3316

• Heavy Sword

Format: FBX

Vertices: 1926

Triangles: 1209

• Special Handgun

Format: FBX

Vertices: 1566

Triangles: 1212