Glowing Sci-Fi Weapons and Swords

Game development is all about the details. When you’re trying to make something fully immersive, every little piece matters. You want every interaction to be imbued with a sense of awe that keeps your players coming back time and time again. And when it comes to Glowing Swords and Sci-Fi Weapons, some of the most iconic components of this genre, look no further than this asset store package.

Sci-Fi games rely on high quality weaponry in order to hold the attention of players and transport them into the world that you’re creating. If you don’t get your 3D models right, you risk losing the interest of those who try your creation because they struggle to buy into your vision. So don’t settle for second-best here – it’s not something you should skimp on. The weapons are always a very important piece of the puzzle. That’s why I’ve created this package which contains a set of models that are versatile, robust and specially created to nurture a really powerful experience for the user. Something that will keep them talking about your game well after they finish playing it.

When it comes to Sci-Fi weapons, glowing swords have to be at the top of your list. They are an iconic piece of the industry’s history and they invoke wonder, awe and beauty all at the same time – while still being a kick-ass weapon to be feared. Amongst the wide range of weapons that you could choose for your creation, they stand out head and shoulders above the rest. It would be a mistake to ignore them for your project, so I made sure that I’ve got you covered!

When you purchase this package, you’ll get the 3D models for the glowing swords and Sci-Fi weapons, but also a range of corresponding scripts and shaders so you can adjust and adapt for your unique use-case, allowing you to make it fit into whatever aesthetic you’re going for. In addition, every model comes with prefabs in .obj or .fbx format, materials, textures in .png format and a demo scene so that you have everything you need in one place.

In total, the package contains a total of 10 models, 2 shaders, 5 scripts, 16 textures (*.png format) and 12 prefabs. Everything you need to bring these weapons to life in vivid color and sparkling motion. The video above should give you just a peek into what’s possible and when you combine it with your own creativity, you’ll be amazed at what it can bring to your project.

The design is especially suitable for mobile devices and it just looks incredible on the smaller screen size – which is becoming ever more important in today’s modern gaming world. The glowing swords themselves are animated and so the blades can be turned on and off in line with the story that you’re trying to tell. There really are a million different ways you can use them and that’s what makes them such a great addition to your arsenal. They are infinitely configurable and will serve you well, I can guarantee you that.

I created these for myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted elsewhere in the market, and so I’m very excited to share them with you. I’m passionate about bringing games to life through the little details and that’s what this package aims to do. You simply won’t find a better deal at this quality level and so I hope that you pick up the package and use it to create something truly special – manifesting exactly what’s in your head into a living, breathing game that transports players to other worlds. If you do so, I’d love to see it.

Wishing you all the best with your creations and I trust that these help to bring your vision to life in all its glory.


The following models are included
• 3 Glowing swords with on/off animation and glow effect;
• Handle and double Handle for the glowing swords;
• Blade;
• Light Sword;
• Heavy Sword;
• Special Handgun;
• Revolver;
• Ultra-futuristic Handgun;
• Assault Rifle; and
• Heavy Weapon.

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Details about the textures
• Assault Rifle textures

 Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 4096x4096px

• Handle texture

 Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 1024x1024px

• Handgun, Heavy Rifle, Heavy Sword, Revolver and Special Handgun textures

Format: PNG

Resolution: 72x72

Dimensions: 2048x2048px

Details about the Meshes

• Glowing Sword Handle

 Format: OBJ

Vertices: 4120

Triangles: 2058

• Glowing Sword double Handle

Format: OBJ

Vertices: 4752

Triangles: 2376

• Glowing Sword Blades

 Format: OBJ

Vertices: 211

Triangles: 208

• Assault Rifle

 Format: FBX

Vertices: 12048

Triangles: 8118

• Handgun

Format: FBX

Vertices: 3212

Triangles: 2574

• Heavy Rifle

 Format: FBX

Vertices: 2214

Triangles: 1706

• Light Sword

 Format: FBX

Vertices: 1299

Triangles: 950

• Revolver

Format: FBX

Vertices: 4829

Triangles: 3316

• Heavy Sword

 Format: FBX

Vertices: 1926

Triangles: 1209

• Special Handgun

 Format: FBX

Vertices: 1566

Triangles: 1212