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Animated Leaves Particle's Pack

A package of an HD Animated leaves particle systems, Ready to use VFX Graphs and

low poly but high quality trees, include's over 10 different Trees

And over 15 different HQ (8K) 60FPS realistic animation sheets.


Easy full customisation's script to control the tree's and particle's.

-Mesh Colour's can be easily changed, And particles colours and ratio and size.. etc  can also be changed.

-tree's can be randomly rotated every time the scene loads, And the size's can randomly

change between two minimum and maximum size's.(to prevent array like look's)

-leafs are affected by wind and gravity.

And Plenty Of Customisation.



Included Animations  (all has a Colourless Version)

-Sakura (cheery blossom)





-Dead Olive 

-Rose Petals (Red, orange , yellow , green ,light blue, blue ,pink ,black , and white


Included Tree's

-Sakura (four models)

-Dome Shaped (three models)

-Tall (One model)

-Spherical (three models)


And More In future Update's.


Website : https://pixparrow.wixsite.com/home