Animated Leaves Particle's

3D Animated leaves particle systems that uses animation sheets or a custom 3D leaf mesh with 3 level's of detail

to simulate the best and most realistic leaves particles.

With 20 of the highest quality double sided animation sheets, Front and Back faces of different leaves and petals

that have both projects the real life leaves and petals samples.

A custom bent mesh with a custom shader graph that works perfectly on wrapping both faces of the 

particles with the best shading and no side view disappearance of the mesh unlike quad particles.

Lod Ready Vfx Graphs that gets you the best performance ever with zero tris and vertices loads on the Cpu

Includes 10 different trees with separated trunk and crown for mesh particles emitting.

Ui Ready Pre-sliced and maxed out sized animated leave's Sprite's.

Urp Ready Materials and shaders.

(The package will be updated frequently and more will be added) 


Ready to use Prefabs

Included Texture's

-Sakura (cheery blossom)






-Dead Olive 

-3 Other Cool Leave's that i didn't know what to call them ^-^.

-Rose Petals (Red, orange , yellow , green ,light blue, blue ,pink ,black , and white)


Included Tree's

-Sakura (four models)

-Dome Shaped (three models)

-Tall (One model)

-Spherical (three models)



Low Poly Wood Fence's And 10 Small Rocks.


And More In future Update's.


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