pmjo's Next Gen Recorder (Beta)

Next Gen Recorder is a video recording library that takes gameplay recording to the next level. It is available for iOS, tvOS and macOS platforms.

Please try the Free version before buying.

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Key Features

- high performance, 60 fps recording
- record any 2d texture, not just the screen
- highlight recording, export the whole gameplay or just the most important parts
- easily save the video to the photos or share it through the native share sheet
- session support, record multiple gameplay videos and choose later what video to share
- full access to the recorded video so you may also implement your own sharing/upload code when needed
- custom watermark, feature exists only in the paid version
- custom bit rate, frame rate and video size support
- supports Metal and OpenGL renderers
- supports textures in gamma and linear colorspace
- direct Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP, HDRP, URP) support when using Metal, OpenGL support with custom integration
- also works in Unity editor on macOS

Scripts are in C# but the main core is inside DLLs.