Metropia - Sci-Fi City

Metropia -

A place and time in the near future where humanity has benefited from revolutions in AI, robotics, autonomous transport, augmented reality and environmental protections.

An environment asset pack inspired by the art of the "Studio Ghibli".

PC & mobile friendly assets.
Every models are lowpoly.
Modular environment.

Includes a demo scenes

Package includes +100 unique assets :

Buildings , props , rocks , trees , signs , vehicles , FX , waters , grass , flowers ...

Particle effects includes :

Hologram , falling leaves , flying birds , sunshaft , fireflies

Shaders includes :

Hologram shader for giving a nice effect for every models ( billboards for example ).
Water Shader with procedural waves and foam.

Post Processing settings includes

Be sure to read the "readme" file include in the package before opening the demo scene

Enjoy !