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Old Soviet shop 02

50% discount is completed.
Return the old price of $ 10
Use this building to build your village!
Perfect if you create a shooter, post-apocalypse, horror or adventure.
The model does not require any other assets for work.
Model contains 3 LOD!
Textures PBR 2048 *
- Albedo
- Metallic
- normal map
Movable doors and windows. Or you can completely remove the doors or window elements to your taste.
Objects in the model:
- Wall exterior
- Wall interior
- Roof
- Floor
- Ciling
- Doors (2 texture options)
- Windows (Separate elements, window leaf, window frame, glass)
- Exterior details (porch, tiles around the building, the inscription "Products" in Russian.)
The maximum value of polygons in the frame when the shadows are about 57000 Tris, when away from the object and the value changes to 1500 Tris. If you have any suggestions or suggestions, please email me.
I want to later make textures when the building is new, as well as customizing each element from the list, the shape of the object and the degree of wear. Do you think you should add this?