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LW RP Enviroment sky engine

-----LW RP Enviroment sky engine "GoldenWind" -----

HQ Enviroment sky engine "GoldenWind" is powerfull , hight quality & compact solution for Lightweight render pipeline for unity 2018.3 !

-----What is that? ----- -----NOW WORK ON UNITY 2019 & 2018-----

-----1 drawcall-----

-1- Very easy! Take prefab, drag in to your scene and assign any sky profile

-2- Full dynamic! also you can control fog & scene ambient!

-3- Dynamic lighting & cloud scattering! You can rotate direct light how you need

-4- Profile based system! Full control in runtime - you can make an infinite different sky schemes!

-5-Hight perfomance! Mobile & VR friendly!

-6-Ambient control! You can make any what you need with fog and ambient!