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Multi-Material Atlasing - Skinned Mesh Combiner - With Data Save

Optimization is absolutely necessary in any game. This tool is designed to optimize your player character - the easiest way possible!

[YouTube Video Demonstration]

[*Skinned Mesh Combiner*]
- Just a single click! Useable in Editor and during RunTime!

- This tool will combine any number of skinned meshes, with any number of materials, into a single mesh, utilizing a single material, with texture atlases for your diffuse, normal, specular, and occlusion maps.
- This is an ideal tool for games requiring multiple, interchangable armors, or any number of character appearance options - easily combine all of your customizations into one.
- However, this tool is not only limited to humanoid characters. Any skinned meshes utilizing any animation type will work just as well!

Save Data
- You may also SAVE all mesh, texture, and material data, with just a single click. All data will be saved directly to your project, and create a working prefab of your character. Hence being the perfect tool for creating optimized NPCs.

- If your character uses BlendShapes, the blendshape values will be baked into the new mesh. However, blendshape values do not carry over to the new mesh so they can not be modified on the new mesh.

- You may disable your combined mesh, with no harm done to the original meshes.
- The new mesh will also retain its pivot point and orientation in the world.
- Your character will remain completely compatible with its animations.
- You have the option to exclude atlasing Normal maps, Specular maps, or Occlusion maps if your materials do not require these components.

- Please be aware of the limitations to ensure this asset works for you!

- Your character must be imported properly into Unity, with an orientation of (0, 0, 0). As well, your character's root armature must also have proper orientation within the root game object (also, (0, 0, 0)).

Import Settings
- All textures of the same material must be the same size (different materials may have different sized textures), and listed as the same size in the import settings. As well, you will need to enable "Read/Write Enabled" in the textures' import settings.

- Does not support material color changes.
- Utilizes Unity Standard Material.

- There is a vertices limit, in Unity, for any given mesh. The combination of meshes cannot exceed this limit.
- Only supports SkinnedMeshRenderers. Does not support MeshRenderers, or other meshes parented to the character's armature or child bones.

Support is always available! Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions!