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Nature Project - Environmental Particle Effects

A collection of stylized naturally looking particle systems simple and easy to drop in to a scene. Environmental Particle Effects provides elements that you would normally find in nature, such as mist, rain drops, lightning, leaves falling and dust.

This pack includes UnityPackage of 30 ready FX prefabs with ready made texture and materials. This pack also includes Tree and Rocks assets, Post Processing Profile asset and grass shader for wind effect

Unity 2018 compatible


- Mist_01
- Rain_01
- Snow_01_Normal
- Snow_01_Real
- Snow_02_Strong
- Snow_02_Strong_Real


- Grass_Blowing_DancingOround
- Grass_Blowing_MovesOnTheGround_01
- Grass_Blowing_Whirlwind


- Fly_01
- Fly_02
- Insect_FireFlies
- Insect_FireFlies_active
- Insect_FireFlies_active 2


- Leaves_GR_ToHook
- Leaves_MovesOnTheGround_01
- Leaves_MovesOnTheGround_02
- Leaves_TreeToGround_few
- Leaves_TreeToGround_few_01
- Leaves_TreeToGround_many
- Leaves_Whirlwind
- Leaves_WithLightWind
- Leaves_YL_WithStrongWind
- LeavesOak_DancingOround


- SunBeam_Particles_01
- SunBeams_Particle_02

- Tree
- Rocks
- Animal Scull