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Unique Toon Projectiles Vol. 1

50 Toon Projectiles including Spells, Bombs, Bullets, Fireballs, Water balls, Paint balls and much more. They are fantastic for PC and Mobile, and for a variety of genres and art styles. Check out more projectiles: Unique Projectiles Vol.1

WebGL Demo

This package contains:

- 50 Projectiles (19 Unique with Color variations);
- 48 Hits/Impacts (18 Unique with Color variations);
- 46 Muzzles (18 Unique with Color variations);
- PC Demo Scene;
- Mobile Demo Scene;
- 2D Demo Scene;
- 8K and 2K Textures;
- Particle System Controller Script (control size, speed, color, etc);
- Projectile Script (control fire rate, accuracy, fire point, etc);
- HDRP and LWRP supported;

Combine Projectiles with different Hits/Impacts or with different Muzzles, it's up to your imagination!

They can be easily re-sized, re-timed and re-colored. All effects are fully optimized and work on any platform.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.