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Quests Creation Kit

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Quests Creation Kit is evolving in the RPG Creation Kit. This update is very massive and several parts will be rewritten, making projects built with the current version of the asset most likely uncompatibile.
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Demo | Documentation | Extending the Quests Creation Kit

The Quests Creation Kit is a strong and easy to use Quests and Storyline Builder in Bethesda style - inspired by The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.
It gives you all the elements to quickly build in your game both simple or very complex quests. It is designed to handle entire storylines with secondary quests that can also evolve into mini-storylines, allowing you to narrate everything you want.

Different objectives to complete:
- Goto: Player or NPC reach a location
- Speak to: Speak to a NPC (Simple talk or specific line)
- Kill: Kill a NPC
- Kill Multiple: Kill a list of NPCs
- Interact With: Interact with an Interactive Object and select what action to do.

Dialogue System:
- Easy to use and very powerful Dialogue System for Player To Npc and Npc to Player.

NPCs Dialogue System:
- Extension of the Dialogue System for Npc to Npc dialogues.

Events System:
- Add/Update quests and apply Consequences to develop your quests and your storyline from every scripts.

Consequence System:
- Add, Modify and Destroy every world element at runtime.

Player Choices:
- Evolve your quests by following a straight line or let the player choose, every choise can differently evolve the quests/story.

- Basic NPC logic, follow paths, attack the player or other entities if they perform some actions, conversate with other NPCs, reach the player to talk with him and react to the world trough Consequences.

Interactive Objects:
- Create objects with the player can interact to for evolving your quests by appling Events.

Quest Logs & Journal:
- Keep track of all the active quests with the active and completed objectives. Everytime a quest is updated display on the screen an alert.

Inventory System:
- A detailed Inventory System based on Weight. The Inventory UI is fully functional. From there you can view your character, equip/unequip items and drop them. Plus, the items are organized in categories selectable by the player to show a specific type of item

Equipment System:
- Equip/Unequip Items, Weapons and equipment to modify your attack power and armour rating.

Weapons System:
- Weapons integrated with the Equipment System. The weapon equipped will be the one present in First Person. Each weapon is individual so you can make any animations/states/attacks you want differently for each weapon.

Melee Combat System:
The new melee combat system includes:
Multiple Swings: Trough the Weapon Creation Windows the user will now be able to setup multiple attacks that can be chained, every attack can have a different animation, speed, damage, stamina usage and sound.
Blocking System: The Players & NPCs can now block attacks, blocking attacks can reduce or cancel the received damage depending on the sword and current equipment. The amount of stamina consumed for the block and the multiplier to reduce the damage can be setup during the creation of the Weapon.
Stamina System: Attacking, running and blocking will consume stamina. Both Player and NPCs will have to be careful balancing their playstyle to never run out of Stamina, since they can be Unbalanced.
Unbalancing System: If the Player or the NPC is out of stamina and they try to land an attack, If the attack is blocked they will become unbalanced, meaning they're unable to attack, block or move. Likewise, if the Player or the NPC blocks an attack while being without stamina, they will be unbalanced.

Items Creation:
- Create your items from Custom Editors built specifically with the goal to speed up your project and workflow. The simple items (such as Misc, Ammo Items) will take you nothing more than 15-20 seconds to create a new one and have it in the World while the most complex item (Equipment piece) will take you 40 seconds or less. The creation of the Equipment was designed to speed up your work.

Loot Items from The World & Items Drag System:
- Drag your items around the world, place them wherever you want and collect them. Items removed from the Inventory will spawn in the world

Add/Remove items with the Events System:
Add/Remove items from Dialogues, Interactive Options, Quests States and any other event supported.

Blendshapes for Equipment:
- Setup the covered part of the Body of your models to allow every animation to be played without clipping from the Body->Equipment and vice versa.

- Display the location of the current Quest Objective from the selected Quest on a compass.

Two types of Puzzles that must be solved in order to apply Events:
- Lever Puzzle: Guess the correct combination of levers position (Up/Down/YourTypes) to solve the puzzle.
- Buttons Puzzle: Press the buttons in the right order to solve the puzzle.

Source Code, Demo and Models Included:
- Demo with a lot of situation covered, quick models & animations for prototyping your quests and Source Code included and heavily commented

Heavily Documented:
- Everything explained, from how to use the elements to how to expand the code.

Platform Independent:
- Tested on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL and UWP.

For every doubts, thoughts, info etc please send me an email at: silvematt@libero.it You will be surely answered in less than 24hrs!