C# Animator

C# Animator is a programmer tool for writing simple and readable C# code that can generate animator assets of any complexity with a single button click. Using this tool, you won't have to deal with a spiderweb of states and transitions ever again!

Design animators using the power of the C# language: Easily copy, paste, move, rename, and even mass generate states and transitions
No transition duplication: Specify if transitions apply to a single state, multiple states, or entire state machines recursively
Expose variables to the Unity editor to parameterize your animators: Any serializable types can be exposed to the animator inspector and tweaked before generation
Easy integration: Only one source file is required to use C# animator! Designing animators in C# also allows for easy merging in source control
Supports arbitrarily complex state machines, sub state machines and blend trees
Debugging and Visualization: Once the animator is generated, you can debug and visualize it in the animator window
Full source code included

Feel free to contact me for help or questions.
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