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Easy Traffic System

for y'all who claim that they can't find the complete set of video tutorials for this asset, I have listed the links below, please,please and please if you still find anything difficult with the asset just email me mikeyc394@gmail.com I'll put you through immediately,even do more videos if I have to, instead of writing trash comment about this asset.
Thanks for your support guys

How to create a path follow in Easy traffic system
How to setup AI vehicles in Easy Traffic System
How to setup spawn point
Setting up traffic light controller

I have made everything in a drag and drop pattern so you don't have to stress much, also video tutorials are available, that explains how to use in details
i will still add more tutorial videos and re-upload the exiting ones with a better audio quality, in the meantime please make use of the current video tutorial, I made it as simple as it can get so you fully understand

This tool is used to organize and build up traffic system ,it supports a lot of Cool features that will surely bring that realistic traffic taste to your game,it has been packaged such that users can interact with this tool at Ez and has also been optimized in order to flow smoothly on any platform including mobile .It has a well organized inspector,which allows users to develop fast.
Traffic system demo 1 :Link1
Traffic system demo 2 :Link2


tested with over 150 vehicles in an active scene with no drop in framerate

Node placing system

ability to set speed limit on each Ai vehicle based on the vehicle's location

faster Ai can overtake slower Ai

ability to set drive type(front,rear,four) wheel drive

comes with sensors which allows Ai to detect other Ai and responds quickly.

users can specify the traffic level, by increasing amount of spawned vehicles

mutiple spawn points

well organized inspector

full c# script,with quote to explain what some lines of code those

scripts are are well organized,for easy upgrade by the user

NOTE: PDF will be removed in version 1.3,make use of the video tutorial instead.