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GM Mesh Deformer

Deform any mesh with this simple to implement package.

- Sample scene
- Sample meshes to test with
- Defomer script (Editable).

Easy to set up and tweak values to match any scene.
Attach the Mesh Deformer to any object with a mesh filter component and a collider component and any impacts will cause deformation. Tweak values to tailor the deformation to your needs.

Want to trigger a deformation manually? Use the publicly accessible methods to deform any object at any time you wish.

Instructions included in package.
Any issues or queries please contact us, we hope to solve any concerns as soon as possible.

Future development versions are intended to include:
- Adding vertices to meshes to dent further.
- Pulling meshes out to simulate growth.
- Fracturing and splitting.
- collider accuracy updates.
- Combining of meshes.