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Steam City

-=Steam City Modular=-

Girl - separate package

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This bundle includes full modular city pack for creating multi-level realistic worlds or sci-fi x-punk worlds:

realistic-sci-fi, modern-retro, vintage, Venice-like, Toledo-like, a la fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, retro cyberpunk, XIX century-light - 'any colour you like'.

Pack includes:

? possibility to make multi level world: underground (sewerage: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 level etc.) - top (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 level etc.);

? modular walls, windows, doors with swappable materials;

? modular buildings constructor (any buildings configuration);

? modular narrow gauge railway system, tram, railway station;

? gutta-percha female steampunk character, Mecanim ready (without animations) (not from video);

? hand drawn (2d) male steampunk character;

? swappable walls materials (plaster, bricks, stone);

? showcases sets - shops (swappable materials and props), 4 pre-built shops: record shop, top hat shop, dishes shop (teapots), fashion magazine shop;

? modular sewerage constructor;

? modular bridges constructor (different variations);

? modular wires, vegetation;

? modular wall decorations;

? modular metal system constructors;

? modular fence;

? modular pipes;

? modular ivy;

? modular Tram;

? modular rails, traffic lights, railway arrows;

? other props;

? etc.

? PBR;

? LOD's included;

? Most of textures - 2K.

Note: Designed for linear color space.

(if you see "Shader error...invalid subscript 'uv2'..." just right click the shader - Reimport).