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Table Selection Pack01

A selection of Tables, from the Elegant to the Everyday Tables, for your Kitchen, Lounge, Drawing Room, Patio, Office.

* 7 Coffee Tables, each with a selection of Wood and French Wooden Tile Inlays, finishes
* Glass Conference Table with Wooden frame support. Decorative Inlays and Edging
* Glass Round Table
* Wooden Kitchen Table, traditional with 2 decorative draws
* Long Dining Table with decorative Inlays
* Metal Patio Table, style01 with Parasol support
* Metal Patio Table, style02 with Parasol support
* 3 Nested Tables with Glass top
* Oval Wooden Table with decorative Inlays
* Rectangular Wooden Table with decorative Inlays
* Round Wooden Table with decorative Inlays
* 3 Side Tables
* Wooden Wallpaper Pasting Table
* 9 Wood Materials
* 5 Marble Materials
* 7 Glass Materials
* 4 Wooden French Inlay Tiles
* 9 Metal Materials

* All inlays can be changed for any Material, albeit some wood materials will need to have correct UV mapped grain direction and be seamless