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Stem: Lightweight Audio Manager

Stem is a robust and versatile audio manager designed from scratch to be extremely fast and easy to use.

With Stem you get a great solution for your audio needs such as sfx variations, layered music playback, automatic crossfades, music events, pooled sounds and much more! And all of that without scene modifications: you just create a few assets, fill them with audio clips and that's it.

Docs | API | Forum | Roadmap

- Living: mix and crossfade layered music the way you want;

- Fast iterations: play & tweak sounds right in the asset without the need to run the game;

- Saves time: prepare audio data in no time using the batch import feature;

- Spice up your sound: easily add sound variations, randomize volume/pitch/delay for each audio clip;

- Perpetual: keep playing music and sounds while transitioning between scenes;

- No scene setup: create a single asset and you're ready to go;

- No hiccups: optimized for runtime use, excellent performance, zero memory allocations per frame;

- Full control: tune the most important settings right in the asset, react to music changes with callbacks.

Integrates with Unity 5 Audio.

Works on Unity 5.5 and later versions.

All source code included.