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Hunter - Low Poly Character -

Hunter character to get you started!


This package includes:
- 1 Base model rigged and humanoid ready
- 2 Outfits
- 2 Weapons
- 30 Animations
- 2 demo scenes

Hunter Character
Verts 2816, Tris 5157
-Dash Forward
-Dash Backwards
-Dash Left
-Dash Right
-Pistol Equip
-Pistol Fire
-Right Hand Attack Full Combo
-Right Hand Attack 1
-Right Hand Attack 2
-Right Hand Attack 3
-Right Hand Attack 4
-Charged Attack
-Bare Fist Attacks Full Combo
-Bare Fist Attack 1
-Bare Fist Attack 2
-Bare Fist Attack 3
-Bare Fist Attack 4
-Two Handed Attacks Full Combo
-Two Handed Attack 1
-Two Handed Attack 2
-Two Handed Attack 3
-Two Handed Attack 4

Sharp Cleaver
Verts 376, Tris 708

Verts 442, Tris 788

Please enjoy :)