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In The Kitchen

A selection of Props for the Kitchen Scenes.

* 13 Individual Dinner Plates with unique Patterns (which can also be used as Side Plates)
* 13 Individual Bowls with unique Patterns
* 13 Individual Cups with unique Patterns
* 13 Individual Saucers with unique Patterns
* 2 Slice Toaster
* 3 Empty Wine Glasses
* Built In Oven
* Dish-wash Drying Rack
* Knife
* Fork
* Spoon (can be sized for multi-purpose)
* Glass Kettle (can change glass for chrome etc)
* Glass Pitcher empty
* Glass Pitcher with Orange Juice
* Glass Pitcher with Water
* Glass Pitcher with Red Wine
* Ice Cube Cooler
* Kitchen Layout (For Demo Display Purposes)
* Plain Coffee Table (For Demo Display Purposes)
* Salt and Pepper Condiments
* Vinegar Dispenser
* Tumble Drier
* Washing Machine
* Whisky Glass