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Fast Color Grading optimized for Mobile

This package contains 7 color grading and image filtering shaders which can be whether applied for mobile or desktop games. Most of the shaders were optimized to run smoothly on mobile, with the idea of keeping the proper quality.


*IMAGE FILTER – this shader is for color grading, allowing to affect the final with contrast, hue, brightness and saturation filters.
*SHARPEN – simple sharpening filter.
*EDGE – darken the inner parts of the image and exhibits only the edges of the objects in the scene. Used mostly for image recognition purposes. P.s better to use along with greyscale to whiten the edges.
*BLUR – very efficient blur rendered with 2 iteration algorithm in a single pass.
*BLUR MASK – same efficient blur, with a mask, applied, work a bit slower than simple blur if the mask is completely white(better to use just blur for that case)
*NOISE REDUCTION – used 3 iterations gaussian blur for noise reduction, works efficiently on mobile devices. Mostly used after sharpen to blur out the oversharpened edges.
*GREYSCALE – simple greyscaling filter. Works faster than image filter with 0 saturation(greyscale).

Tested on device Meizu M2 Note(Octa-core 1.3 GHZ ARM Cortex-A53, Mediatek MT6753, GPU Mali-T720MP3, RAM 2 GB) in the scene containing:
- 65 different gameObjects,
- 68 different Materials,
- 57 different Textures,
- 1 Directional Light(realtime),
- approximately 40k polygons

Filters work approximately fps depending on complexitysome of them were running 40-45 fps(image filter, noise reduction) others 45-55 fps.