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Human Shader Pack

Updated Frequently from Sub-Packs. Not HDRP ready, Uses PBR - Standard shaders.

A set of shaders for Hair, Skin and Eyes.

This set includes 4 of my best shaders for characters, creatures and hair. (not HDRP compatible, only a preview version of the Hair shader is available, see product link).

Hair Shader Simple - An optimised hair shader.
HairShader Simple
Hair Shader 2.0 - A more advanced shader and one of my best sellers.
Hair Shader 2.0
Simple SSS Skin Shader - Ideal for sub surface scattering control for skin, thin objects such as leaves, paper, gel, translucent rubber and more.
Simple SSS Skin Shader
Eye Shader - Make many kinds of eye designs, increase or customise the pupil size, add your own iris designs with ease and colour/animate them all in one shader.
Eye Shader

Comes with Male and Female Head, 2 Example Hair wigs, several materials and shaders for each. Eye shaders and several eye materials. Highly advanced shaders with great control, get in touch if you require additional features.

My email: me@robertramsay.co.uk