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Stairs And Chairs

A selection of Straight, Left/Right and Tee shaped stairs, complete with collision helper meshes. A wide variety of Chairs for all corners of your kingdom. Bonus, 6 Coffee Tables in a selection of supplied materials and inlays.

* Landing Rail Section
* Straight Flight Staircase
* Wide Stair, 'L' shaped Left Handed Staircase
* Wide Stair, 'L' shaped Right Handed Staircase
* Wide Stair, 'T' shaped Staircase - no landing railing
* Wide Stair, 'T' shaped Staircase - with landing railing
* Landing Pod, suitable for Landing Support of the Wide Stair series
* 3 Legged Wooden Stool
* Bar Stool
* Canvas Deckchair
* Fashion Chair
* Lab Stool - Wooden
* Round Backed Wooden Chair
* Tubular Steel Chair
*Tubular Steel Chair (simple)
* Wooden Chair
* 6 Coffee Tables with assorted finishes and inlays
* Materials supplied for each variance
* Collision Meshes for Wide Stair Series