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Architecture Adornment Pack01

A selection of models to adorn any building, adding Dentiles, Castellations, Plinths, Canopies, Entrances, Paving, Ivy, Plants, Plant Tubs, Fencing and Carports. A Copper Oil Lamp to light your way.

* 3 Styles of carports
* 6 Styles of Planter Tubs
* 6 Styles of Corner Dentiles
* 6 Styles of Long Plinth Stones
* 6 Styles of Short Plinth Stones
* A corner Block to add Materials to
* A selection of module Ivy Vines
* 8 Floor/Deck Materials for paving etc.
* Copper Lined Gallow Bracket Porch Roof
* Lead Lined Gallow Bracket Porch Roof
* Thatched Lined Gallow Bracket Porch Roof
* Castellated Stone Entrance Porch
* Cloth Canopy and Frame for window/door shade
* Copper Oil Lamp
* Palm, Fern and Leafed Mound
* Solar Panel