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3D Models House Interiors 180 Pack

108 Sources as 3D Modeling

(furniture=20, prop=81, wall,floor,ceiling=7)
1 texture(1024x1024)
2 meterials(defuse,light)


All 181 Props

-Floor (4EA)

-Wall (30EA)

-Ceiling (4EA)

-Basball bat (wood)
-Basball bat (metal)
-Bathroom cabinet
-Bed 3EA
-Bench (2EA)
-Book set (3EA)
-Book shelf (3EA)
-Butcher knife
-Cabinet (3EA)
-Canned peaches
-Canned Saredines
-Canned tuna
-Cereal (3EA)
-Chair (8EA)
-Curtain rod
-Desk (3EA)
-Door Frame
-Drum washing machine
-Exterior door
-Fire alarm
-Fluorescent lamp
-Frame (6EA)
-Frying Pan
-Gas range
-Iron ore
-Jerry can
-Kitchen cabinet set
-Kitchen Cabinet
-Kitchen Sink
-Ktichen Cabinet Corner
-Ladder (2EA)
-Laundry cabinet
-Laundry Shelf
-Milk powder
-Morphine Auto-Injector
-Offiece chair
-Plastic cup
-Police baton
-Refrigerator (2EA)
-Side table (5EA)
-Sigar box
-Sink (3EA)
-Sledge Hammer
-Small bench
-Smart phone
-Sofa (7EA)
-Storage closet
-Swiss army knife
-Table (6EA)
-Toilet Paper
-Towel (2EA)
-TV shelf
-Vitamin Bottle
-Window (2EA)

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