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Trees Plants and Bushes Pack01

A selection of various Trees, Plants and Bushes covering a wide scope.

To use the Game function of the scene, you will need to import this package: Standard Assets - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/asset-packs/standard-assets-32351

* 10 Palm Trees (3 different species)
* 3 Queen Palm Trees
* 3 Birch Trees
* Beech Tree
* 4 Fir Trees
* Elm Tree
* Fallen Acacia Tree
* Joshua Tree
* 3 Oak Trees
* 3 Pine Trees
* 2 types of Tree Stump
* Autumn Bush
* Banana Trees Bush
* Blue Flower Mound
* Bulrush
* Bulrush Reeds
* 9 Types of Fallen Leaves
* 6 Fern Bushes
* Green Leafed Mound
* Pink Flower Mound
* Violet Flower Mound
* 2 White Blossom Mounds
* Prefabs of all models