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2D Weapon System

This asset allows you to easily create any weapon you want. It is easy to use and install, allows you to significantly reduce the time to create shooting in your game. It has many settings to help you create the perfect shooting for your game. I hope this asset helps you!

This asset includes:

­­• WeaponSystem

• 2 Animations for Zombies
­­• 2 Animations for Player
­­• 3 Bullets and 3 shells for them
­­• Muzzle flash in two versions (Particle, object)
­­• Player Prefab
­­• 3 Prefabs with weapons
­­• Prefabs (Sky, Clouds, Grass, Stones, Trees, Ground)
­­• Zombie Prefab
­­• Demo scenes

Demo scripts:
­­• CloudGenerator
­­• ZombieGenerator
­­• Joystick
­­• Shop
­­• 6 Scripts for the player
­­• Wave
­­• Zombie Script

Demo sound:
­­• 2 Sounds for each weapon

­­• Atlas of bullets and shells (512x512)
­­• Atlas of Zombies (1024x1024)
­­• Player Atlas (2048x2048)
­­• UI
­­• 3 Atlas of weapons (2048x2048)
­­• Clouds (256x256)
­­• Sky (1024x1024)
­­• Atlas of the world (2048x2048)