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Cornea Camera Director

Cornea Camera Director is an extremely light-weight, easy-to-use, accurate and performant camera lerping engine. It will help you tremendously in your directing and camera movement endeavours.

This system simply relies on empty game objects within your world to transition to. That's it!

A new Camera Pathing system has been added which allows the camera to automatically move from one position to another. Camera movement has never been so easy. It's even easier than using the animator. It's also better for any dynamic work you have in mind.

Cornea Camera Director also provides some effects, such as: warping effect, handheld movement for a more dramatic/artistic effect and a shaker for explosions, earthquakes and whatever else you got cooking.

All code bases are entirely commented.

Includes: - 6 demos (explains all the ins and outs) - setup guide - camera lerping - warp effect - camera shaker - handheld effect (camera man) - instant scene transition

Best of wishes to you and your game.