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Dark City2 - Cyberpunk Pack

Dark City 2 is a project inspired by a near-future vision of a cybernetic world. Main features of the package are:

- 8 various sets of modular building elements (walls, windows, roofs, doors, pipes, vents, scaffoldings, stairs, platforms, neons, screens, etc.)
- Over (550) prefabs of different street props to detail your city (roads, sidewalks, lamps, barriers, signs, garbage and more)
- High-res textures (4096 and 2048)
- custom PBR shaders
- animated materials, e.g. billboards, rain effect
- low-poly background structures
- LoD's for all assets
- image effects and particles adapted to the example scene
- demo levels for presentation and testing

Screenshots are unedited and reflect the actual content.