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The asset includes:
- Different complex effects (Magic arrows, shields, buff and debuff spells, hits, magic circles, projectiles, attack spells, lasers, track markers and more)
- A large number of unique textures
- Multipurpose custom shaders
- Scripts, one of which allows you to change the color of the effects, so you can change the color in 1 click.

All effects are well optimized and work on all platforms. They can be easily re-sized and re-colored.
Works with Lightweight Render Pipeline!
Works with HD Render Pipeline from Unity 2018.3!

Since this asset consists of many unique effects, it includes:

AAA Magic Circles and Shields
AAA Stylized Projectiles Vol.1
AOE Magic spells Vol.1
3D Lasers Pack
Map Track Markers VFX
+ some more effects

Video and screenshots of the effects were made using post-effect "Bloom" from free Post Processing Stack by Unity Technologies!

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