Cross-Platform Screen Recorder Kit : Easy GIF & Video Recording!

**Cross Platform Replay Kit is now Cross Platform Screen Recorder Kit**

Cross Platform Screen Recorder Kit : Easy Gif & Video Recording allows to easily screen record your games on Unity. Plugin provides unified api for recording in gif or video across supported platforms.

**Plugin records what ever is visible on screen**

Gif Recorder : Available on all platforms

Video Recorder : Available on mobile platforms only [Android(Demo) (API 21 and above), iOS(11 and above - iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod Touch 6th generation, iPad Air or later.)]

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• Unified API design.

• Auto-generates Android Manifest file.

• Easy API for Recording Gif/Video

• Full source code is included.

Feature set

• Screen Record complete screen with microphone(includes UI)

• Preview Recorded Video

• Single API for all supported Platforms

• Get recorded file path

• Save recorded video

• Share recorded video (Share for Gif coming soon)


For Gif Recording, currently OpenRecording and ShareRecording are not yet implemented. Coming soon.

On Android, there is no public API to record audio without microphone.The game music will be recorded through microphone only. In coming updates we allow option to add custom music instead of just microphone captured audio.

This asset uses below third party libraries.

1. ExifLib under MIT License.

2. Moments library for gif recording

See Third-Party Notices.txt file in the package for details.

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