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Macro Usage System

Macro system allows you to create many shortcuts. Creating shortcuts are extremely useful and efficient.

Automatic Potion
Automatic Potion is a macro system of which you can configure the settings so that you can automatically consume the basic potions (HP / FP).
The automatic potion function will not work when the particular potion has run out in your inventory
Automatic Action
Automatic action is a macro system in which you can configure all the actions (skills, forces, using items, and etc.). You can configure up to three groups of automatic action macros, each having at most 5 actions.
It will run no matter what once you click the shortcut to automatic action after checking for delays. You can put any skill, force, and most items in these slots.
Automatic Chat
Automatic chat is a convenient function that comes handy for repetitive or sequential chats. You can use up to two groups of automatic chatting, each with at most 3 types of chatting.

Developed and tested on version uMMORPG 1.174

In the project you will find instructions with a detailed description of how to configure the add-on.

Requires the uMMORPG