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Enchant items for uMMORPG

Add to your project the ability to improve (enchant) all items that the character can equip (armor, weapons and other) with the help of runes.
Parameters that can be improved :
* Damage and Defense
* Accuracy and Dodge
* Vampirism
* Attack Range
* Anti Block, Anti Crit and Anti Stun

For enchantment, you will need an item you want to upgrade, a rune and 4 gems.
You can buy them from a merchant or get after killing a monster.

Options unsuccessful enchantment is 3:
• lose the used rune and gems
• all runes previously inserted into the item will disappear
• the item you enchant can be destroyed.

Parameters that you can change
a) Maximum item enchantment
b) Are cells (slots) necessary for enchantment ? (Maximum enchantment will be limited by the number of these slots.)
c) Can the item be destroyed if the enchantment fails
d) Can runes be destroyed if unsuccessful enchantment
e) Ability to use different runes (Simultaneously enchanting the item with runes of defense and dodge)
f) Does Item level affect enchantment chance (Item with a higher level is more difficult to enchant)
g) Use sounds when successful and not successful enchantment
h) Display the result of enchantment in the text field
i) Change and add rarity items (the rarity of the item may depend on the chance of enchantment)
j) Change and add permissions what runes can enchant items
k) Add and modify runes (damage, defense, accuracy, dodge, rune of extraction)
l) Set at what level the character has the ability to enchant items
m) Set which classes have the ability to enchant items

In the project you will find instructions with a detailed description of how to configure the add-on.

Developed and tested on :
* uMMORPG 1.190 Link
* uMMORPG 2D 1.58 Link

Recommended Components :
* Item Rarity
* Item Durability

Versions for other projects

The addon requires changes in the main ummorpg scripts and knowledge in С#