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Welcome to PSXEffects! This is an asset package designed to assist you in simulating retro PlayStation 1 graphics with just one script and a shader. Setup is very easy with instructions and documentation included.

Try demos here!

Key features include:
• Adjustable aliased resolution
• Two separate downscaling workflows
• Fixed downscale resolution
• Framerate limiting
• Camera position inaccuracy
• Affine texture mapping (texture distortion)
• Draw distance for entire polygons
• Vertex snapping
• Polygon depth error simulation
• Color depth
• Scanlines (Vertical and Horizontal)
• Screen-space dithering
• Material color tinting
• Unlit toggle
• Transparency support
• Cutout support
• Backface culling toggle
• Specular support
• Gouraud specular support
• Per-vertex diffuse lighting
• Cubemap support
• Normal mapping
• Metal/smoothness mapping
• Emission mapping
• Specular mapping
• LOD texture support
• Vertex color support
• Fog support
• Point/spot light support
• Lightmap support
• Realtime shadow support
• Translucent shadow support
• Saturated diffuse slider
• Contrast-enhanced fade in/out effects
• Original PSX lighting techniques
• Plenty of shader properties
• Works with multi-camera setups
• Linear color space support
• All adjustable settings

NOTE: This asset package only supports the Standard render pipeline at the moment and will not work with HDRP or URP/LWRP.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact me at support@tripleaxis.net
Also be sure to check out my website and more of my assets at https://tripleaxis.net