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Top Down 2D RPG Kit - Pro Version

Modular design allows you to add your own game features, effects, sounds, and art. 100% source code included.
*No Unity Pro license needed.*

Keep in mind whenever you update this kit make sure to always make a backup of the project you are working on FIRST!

If you are upgrading from the Starter Version I would highly recommend you treat this Pro Version as a new asset. There has been so much added and altered there will be conflicts with the Starter Version.

Also the Pro Kit uses Standard Assets which I was not able to upload due to Unity rules so I have information in the documentation so that you all can go and grab the Standard Assets I was using. It is laid out so this process will only take a couple of minutes to do. This is in the "Pre-Setups" section in the Documentation.

Create your own Top Down 2D RPG

- 100+ well documented, modular and fully customizable scripts

- A* Pathfinding for your player and enemies.

- Ability to set a game timer / clock cycle for your game.

- Lighting manipulation.

- Weather.

- Item Database.

- Shopping.

- Quests System.

- Skills and Action Bars.

- Experience.

- Health to Heart display. See your health in a heart style or any image style you like.

- 3 Types of player movement: Multi-Directional, 4-Directional, 8-Directional

- 1 Multi-use Camera: Sliding Room Dependent and Follow Player in one.

- Player, Enemy and NPC logic and data structure ready to use and can be easily edited.

- State Machine Animations for your player, enemy and NPCs

- Display any type of sprite direction for your NPC and enemies

- Combat system

- Crafting System

- Immunity scripts for when taking damage.

- Ability to drop bombs (moms spaghetti) and display the amount of bombs in your UI.

- Ability to wear equipment and get stats from it and an easy way to reference your equipment.

- Create infinite amount of unique keys and display the number of the unique key in your UI.

- Create infinite amount of unique money (currency) and be able to display the amount of money left in your UI.

- Create Icon Displays above your GameObjects

- Scripts that help referencing important GameObjects making your life to change, add and remove easy as pie

- Customizable Inventory

- Customizable Tooltips

- Chest functionality

- Explosions!!!

- Customizable Layering scripts

- Customizable Sprite Renderer Sorting Layer and Sorting Order scripts.

- Depth Layering

- Loot!

- Easily customize the spawning locations for your player in every scene

- Dialogue system

- Enemy movement scripts

- Ability to Save and Load your game.

- Multiple ways to scene transition system

- Customizable object push script, recreate the Zelda boulder push puzzles

- Customizable terrain sounds and visuals when moving through areas

- Customizable menu options and UI rescaling

- Documentation included

- 13 YouTube Videos Demos.

- 2 different art styles.

- All art and sound assets are public domain with the exception of Bleed's March (Attribution required)

- Build your top down 2D environments in days not weeks

- Use an existing demo scene to start building your game or pick and choose scripts and incorporate them in your existing games

- Music and SFX Management and the ability to set all your scenes background music with 1 script.

Import the package, setup your character movements and camera in minutes!

The Project is in ongoing development. More features will be released at a later date when I gather feedback from the users.